Marina Schaller – Vocals
Thomas Schaller – Vocals & Acoustic guitars
Pesche Liechti – Bass
Beat Hefti – Guitars
Michael Vaucher – Guitars
Charles Mönroe – Drums

The Swiss hard rock band SiN69 was founded in 2020 and rose out of the ashes of the rock band CIRCLE.

Guitarist Beat Hefti, bassist Pesche Liechti as well as the two singers Marina Schaller and Thomas Schaller already played together in CIRCLE for several years and were joined in 2019 by drummer Charles Mönroe (also active in the rock band KING LOUIS) and guitarist Michael Vaucher (also active in the Swiss heavy metal band EMERALD) for some live concerts. What started as helping out for concerts harmonized more and more in the rehearsal room as well as on stage, so that soon after with a lot of motivation, inspiration and joy in making music and songwriting together the new start under the banner "SiN69" was announced.

With this enthusiasm, under the direction of Julien Menth (EMERALD), they quickly started recording their first studio album. V.O. Pulver (POLTERGEIST, GURD) gave the recordings at Little Creek Studio the final touches and a great, powerful sound.

As different as the eight songs of the eponymous debut album may be, they all bear the typical SiN69 signature: powerful pressure from bass and drums, harmonious, polyphonic vocals by Marina and Thomas, heavy guitar riffs and dual guitar solos and, above all, noticeable fun rocking together.

Despite the pandemic, the band was able to play some first concerts in the summer of 2021 and tested successfully the live suitability of the album tracks.

In May 2022, ROAR Rock Of Angels Records released the debut album "SiN69". Since then, the band played many concerts at festivals and in clubs and is currently working on their second album.